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Opening Doors for Farmers and Ranchers with the Power of an Ag Marketplace | The Best Marketplace for Agriculture | Plow and Pencil Podcast by

You would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate product manager. 

Bryce McPhail is the Product Manager at HitchPin and enjoys every opportunity he gets to brag on his skilled team of developers building the technology that serves farmers and ranchers on

Bryce shares a behind the scenes look at why he’s passionate about building the best marketplace for agriculture and the work, design, and complexity of creating a tool that will serve a very diverse industry with exactly what they need to keep their businesses efficient.

In this episode you’ll find:
– How building an ag marketplace has impacted someone without a traditional ag background

– The growing role of marketplaces in every industry

– Strategic planning methods used by the HitchPin team to provide maximum ROI for the platform members

– A glimpse of the development roadmap for HitchPin

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