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Wrenn and her husband Arturo Pacheco started their direct-to-consumer beef business, Pacheco Beef, LLC in 2021. We are excited to share Wrenn’s story with you about her business.

Find Wrenn on Instagram: @pachecobeef 

In this episode you’ll find: 

  • How Wrenn and her family came to Kansas and how their business got started.
  • The roles that Wrenn and Arturo take on in Pacheco Beef, LLC.
  • How their operation works and why they choose to open a direct-to-consumer business. 

We are grateful Wrenn took the time from her busy schedule to share her story with us. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes information on how Pacheco Beef, LLC operates and an opportunity to glimpse the passion that both Wrenn and Arturo have put into their business!

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