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New Feature Announcements

New features are constantly released on HitchPin based on the feedback from our community. Tech updates and new releases are announced on the blog with directions and tutorials on how to implement these on the marketplace to benefit your business.

New Feature: HitchPin Wallet Expanded to Include Credits

The new functionality of HitchPin Wallet allows you to be paid on HitchPin immediately and spend your earnings immediately on HitchPin, with full access to see where your money is at in the transaction process. This means money moves immediately in your account – no need to wait days for funds to clear your bank’s transaction process.

HitchPin Protect Keeps Ag Transactions Simple

You can utilize the convenient HitchPin payment method by entering your account information in your HitchPin Wallet. Remember, every transaction is secured through the HitchPin Protect process which keeps your information encrypted and confidential throughout each step of the transaction and protects both buyer and seller from risks associated with transactions such as bounced checks, failure to pay, or failure to deliver.

New Feature: HitchPin Profile; HitchPin Wallet

HitchPin strives to provide simplicity and ease for farmers and ranchers utilizing the HitchPin marketplace. The latest upgrades to the platform, fondly called the Yellow Brick Road initiative by our development team, will provide HitchPin accounts with a customized experience through new profile features and a simple and secure method to manage payment methods with HitchPin Wallet