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Plow and Pencil Podcast

Welcome to Plow and Pencil – The Art of Agriculture Podcast where we – like Ike – recognize that farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field. The Plow & Pencil podcast will paint a picture of American Agriculture today. It will tell the stories of the producers, the products, the policies and the platforms that provide feed and fuel to our nation and world. Join the movement of farmers, ranchers, and agriculture advocates plowing new ground, and pencil us in to your weekly podcast schedule!. This podcast is brought to you by – the tool thousands of farmers and ranchers are using to buy, sell, hire, and work in agriculture.

Let’s Talk Fertilizer with Elm Dirt

Lauren Cain is CEO and Founder of Elm Dirt. She and her husband Matt started Elm Dirt in January 2020 and started their operation on their dining room table.  Elm Dirt is located outside of Kansas City, Missouri and they sell Red Wiggler worms, their castings, plant fertilizer, and more. Due to COVID-19, they started selling their worms and castings online and they have “been selling like hotcakes.” In 2021, they expanded their operation and moved to a warehouse.
While their business started out focusing on gardeners and houseplants, they have been rapidly expanding into the production agriculture industry. The fertilizer is unique in that it doesn’t just supply nutrients, it also builds soil health, increases soil microbes, and increases drought tolerance. Because of this, less amendment is required over time and yields increase.

#9 Marketing on a Marketplace with Lexi Wright and Growing HitchPin Profiles with Bryce McPhail

l had the pleasure of sitting down with two of my colleagues at HitchPin, Lexi Wright, and Bryce McPhail. Lexi and her husband farm outside of Manhattan with their four children while Lexi also owns Back Pocket Social Marketing.  Bryce is the Product Manager at HitchPin and has been with us almost a year. Bryce and his team have been hard at work making updates to HitchPin to provide an excellent user experience.

13 Generations of Connecting People with Farming

#4 13 Generations of Connecting People with Farming

Katherine owns and runs her family’s small livestock farm in the metropolitan area of Central Ohio. Harrison Farm focuses on celebrations, animals, and teaching. The mission of the farm is to connect people with animals and farming. She raises primarily sheep, goats, and chickens. On her farm, she hosts numerous agritourism events including Goat Yoga, on-farm dinners, private events, and educational tours. 

Opening Doors for Farmers and Ranchers with the Power of an Ag Marketplace

#3: Opening Doors for Farmers and Ranchers with the Power of an Ag Marketplace

Bryce McPhail is the Product Manager at HitchPin and enjoys every opportunity he gets to brag on his skilled team of developers building the technology that serves farmers and ranchers on shares a behind the scenes look at why he’s passionate about building the best marketplace for agriculture and the work, design, and complexity of creating a tool that will serve a very diverse industry with exactly what they need to keep their businesses efficient.