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Plow and Pencil Podcast

Welcome to Plow and Pencil – The Art of Agriculture Podcast where we – like Ike – recognize that farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field. The Plow & Pencil podcast will paint a picture of American Agriculture today. It will tell the stories of the producers, the products, the policies and the platforms that provide feed and fuel to our nation and world. Join the movement of farmers, ranchers, and agriculture advocates plowing new ground, and pencil us in to your weekly podcast schedule!. This podcast is brought to you by – the tool thousands of farmers and ranchers are using to buy, sell, hire, and work in agriculture.

Innovating for a New Generation of Ag Producers

#1: Innovating for a New Generation of Ag Producers

Founder of ag technology start up, HitchPin – the best marketplace for agriculture – Trevor McKeeman discusses where the idea for HitchPin came from, how the platform has taken shape, and how building something incredibly complex to be extremely simple to use has challenged the team at HitchPin to think strategically and use input from farmers and ranchers as a guide.