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Celebrating the Innovation of Agriculture during National Ag Week 2022

It’s National Ag Week! Most of us are incredibly lucky that we don’t think twice about the amount and variety of food on the shelves at our local grocery store. But you don’t have to go back very many generations to talk to someone who lived during a time when food availability and abundance looked much different than it does today. 

This week marks the 49th anniversary of National Ag Day – a day instated by the Agriculture Council of America and celebrated in classrooms and communities across the country. 

national ag week

We are the fortunate benefactors of more than 3,000 years of progress in agriculture. Over the years, this progress has created international trade, developed crops that can thrive in a variety of climates, and increased the productivity of our global resources. 

Learn more about the history of agriculture at and events that have impacted American agriculture at

Efficiency in the 2%

As agriculture has continued to prioritize research and efforts towards efficiency, the number of people required to produce our food supply has shifted drastically. In 1870, half of America’s population was employed by agriculture. But today, less than 2% of the population is directly employed in the agriculture sector. These resourceful producers must be extremely efficient with their inputs and time to produce at the level that the continuously growing world consumes. HitchPin has developed technology specifically to help farmers and ranchers do this.

Take Action during National Ag Week

Today, you can help celebrate National Ag Week by supporting a farmer or rancher directly. Whether you would like to purchase farm fresh food, hire an agriculture service provider, or buy or sell farm inputs like feed, livestock, or equipment, you can work directly with those working hard to keep our world fed, clothed, and fueled. normally charges a 2.5% platform fee on successful transactions between members of our community, but during National Ag Week, you can use this link to waive the fee and directly connect with  farmers, ranchers, and ag service providers at no cost. You can choose to support local farmers and ranchers in celebration of their progress in providing a sustainable, accessible, and abundant food supply.

You can also show your support for America’s farmers and ranchers by adding this badge to your profile photo on social media!