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The Ultimate Solution for Modernizing your Fence-Building Needs

Easy-to-install corner fence posts that can last for generations? It almost sounds too good to be true! Find it on HitchPin!

Kansas based agri-tech company Iron Hedge creates innovative and durable corner post fencing products that are shippable to ranches and acreages worldwide.  Their patented corner post technology, combined with the years and miles of fence building experience has given them a deep understanding of the challenges you face.  Using that experience, they have designed the most reliable and easy-to-install products ever invented.  Ones that will outlast traditional systems and look great the entire time.

Already dreading your summer fencing projects?

The Iron Hedge corner allows for faster installation, making the process simple compared to traditional methods.  We provide the entire corner in one package whether you are looking for a single or double corner. Install in about one third of the time* by setting in concrete or just tamping the hole full.  No field welding or cutting.

Our system works with almost every wire type, from low carbon barbed wire to electric high tensile or woven rolls.

A single corner pre-install.
A single base corner installed
A single corner with a fence keeper installed
A double corner with a fence keeper installed.

Think tight fences that stay tight!

These corners are designed to hold tension and keep wires tight, ensuring they are longer-lasting and more durable than other products on the market. Moreover, all ground contact parts are galvanized, making them corrosion-resistant and reducing the need for frequent replacement. 

Want your address, brand and favorite color incorporated into your design? We can do that!

Over time, the Iron Hedge fencing system readily pays for itself in a number of ways such as speed of installation, ease of maintenance, replacement costs, and property value improvements.

Worried about how to install this corner? We have you covered.  Each corner comes with full color instructions to demonstrate the process.  It’s the easiest corner you’ll ever install!

Visit the Iron Hedge storefront on HitchPin to buy your corner post today, or log in to chat with the Iron Hedge team to get answers to all your questions!

*Based upon engineering modeling; known material specifications; and current monitoring of installations over the last 5 years.