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How to Get More Views with Promoted Listings

HitchPin is the best place to buy and sell ag products and services on the internet. Over 60,000 members trust HitchPin as the place to browse and buy in ag, meaning thousands of buyers browse HitchPin each day looking for their next purchase. And now, with Promoted Listings, your visibility just got an upgrade.

What Are Promoted Listings?

HitchPin is proud to announce the ability for sellers to guarantee their listings are viewed more than any other listings on the site. Your listings will be placed front and center in the HitchPin Listings Feed for all users to see when they browse the newest and nearest listings. We have just released a new feature called Promoted Listings to HitchPin users. By taking advantage of this new feature, users will see an increase in listing views, listing details views, and potentially more offers and transactions, all for an affordable weekly or monthly price. At the end of each week, you will have the opportunity to renew your promoted listings for another week of promotion and higher view counts.

promoted listings in browse feed

Promoting your listings is now easier than ever. When creating your listing, you have the opportunity to promote the listing right away when publishing your listing. To do this, simply choose the promotion option that best fits your needs and choose how you prefer to pay for your promotion. If you want to return to promote your listing later, you may do so at anytime in your HitchPin dashboard or by calling or texting us at 785-522-4278. You can also send an email to, and let us know you are interested in promoting your listings. 

See What Your Promoted Listing Looks Like:

promoted listings: congratulations screen