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Getting the Most from your HitchPin Account

Welcome to the HitchPin Community! We are so glad you’re here! HitchPin is agriculture’s preferred digital marketplace to buy, sell, hire, and find work! We have harnessed the ease of online posting with the power of secure payments, to give producers and ag business owners control and convenience when it comes time to buy and sell agricultural products and services! Now, we’re here to help you get the most from your HitchPin account.

Over 60,000 people across the country found they could use their smartphone or laptop to buy and sell ag products and services faster, safer, and better on HitchPin! With listings from tractors to trucking and corn to cutting horses – you too have a nationwide marketplace at your fingertips.

As our community has grown, HitchPin has been able to connect buyers and sellers in the ag industry to find what they need quickly when buying and receive a fair price for their livestock, equipment, grain, and other ag products and services when selling.

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New Account Checklist: How to Get the Most from Your HitchPin Account

✅ Update Your Profile for a Personalized Experience

Completing your profile information helps HitchPin verify your account as a real farmer or rancher who is using HitchPin as it was intended to be used: for the good of the producer.

You may have experienced posting a listing on other sites and getting spam phone calls within just a few hours. On HitchPin, we value privacy and want to protect your time and information. By updating your profile, you can help us weed out “fake” accounts and keep our platform safe, AND you can choose your preferences for types of listings you are interested in for a customized view that helps you find what you’re looking for quickly.

✅ Create Your First Listing or Your Own Website on HitchPin Storefronts

Whether you’re buying or selling, creating your first listing will get you connected! Create a “Buyer Listing” if you are looking to buy or hire. Create a “Seller Listing” if you have something to sell or services available.

Have multiple items or services to sell? Creating your HitchPin Storefront will give you more power to share your listings, get noticed on HitchPin, and market your goods and services!​ HitchPin’s Storefront feature gives you control, so your farm or ranch can have a point of sale online that can go anywhere you do business. Unlike other options for your online sales, HitchPin is made for agriculture, so our processes are set up to benefit you and your customers, whether that’s with incremental payments, instant invoicing, or charging for delivery. One of the best parts of your HitchPin Storefront is being able to show customers everything you have for sale all at once. So whether you sell cattle, hay, trucking services, or feed supplements, you can sell them all in one place! A storefront allows you to share everything you sell with one link (which can be used anywhere – on business cards, social media profiles, even print advertising!) while still utilizing the safe transactions that protect both buyers and sellers through HitchPin Protect.

✅ Browse Listings in Your Area

See what’s available near you by browsing the map or use the filter search to narrow your search to specific categories.

HitchPin Account: Tips for Listings that Sell

Listing Best Practices: Getting the Most From Your HitchPin Account

Setting up your listing for success is a simple matter of following these quick steps.

✅ Choose the best category
Selecting the category that most closely matches your item or service will help potential buyers find you quickly.

✅ The more detailed the better
Choose your notification settings and contact preferences so you never miss an update from an interested buyer.

✅ Pictures and videos increase visibility
It’s true that a picture is worth 1,000 words! Adding a photo – or a few – along with a video helps catch the eye of buyers, and helps your listing get more views (we’ve tested it – and it makes a big difference!)

✅ Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes
What would you want to know if you were looking to buy this? Answering a potential buyer’s questions before they ask them creates interest and expedites the transaction process.

✅ Check for errors
Review your listing for accuracy and completeness. If you see a red dash next to an item on your post checklist (pictured right), that’s your signal that something needs attention before it can be successfully published.

✅ Stay in touch
Last but not least – make sure your notification preferences are set in your dashboard so you will receive alerts when a buyer reaches out. Using HitchPin Chat keeps your communication all in one place and clearly documented for easy reference. Encourage anyone with questions to contact you using HitchPin Chat. We strongly recommend you NOT share any personal contact information (phone, email, etc.) on any online platform, including HitchPin, as this puts your personal information at risk.

How do transactions work with your HitchPin Account?

Every farm, ranch, and ag business operates a little bit differently when it comes to how they charge for their products or services. That’s why HitchPin’s transaction process provides a lot of flexibility – so you can accept offers, edit price structures, make adjustments, charge for delivery or mileage, upload final weights, and even create refunds.

The transaction process is one of the parts of our marketplace we’re pretty passionate about – because it ensures that the seller is paid quickly, while also protecting the buyer from being scammed or left without clear records.

In short, it keeps everything fair. Which is exactly how we believe everyone should be treated.

HitchPin Account: Transaction Process

Our transaction system also allows you to connect multiple payment methods – just as you would on an online shopping site – so you can make a purchase with ease or funds can be deposited directly for a sale. Be sure to set up how you would like to pay and be paid on HitchPin in your HitchPin Wallet.

If you’re ever in the middle of a transaction and not sure what to do, contact us at 785-522-4278. Our customer support team is here to help every step of the way.

Benefits for You on HitchPin

🌾 Grow Your Network

With access to more options, you don’t have to rely on just your neighbors when you need someone to cut your beans or AI your heifers. Increase your connections, access specialized equipment operators, and get work done quickly.

🔒 Protect Your Privacy

In-app chat and phone call options keep you from having to share too much personal information. This means you don’t have to deal with scam artists finding your information online and calling about “your car’s extended warranty.” 🙄

💰 Secure Payment

Our transaction process keeps you protected every step of the way so funds can move from buyer to seller quickly – no waiting on checks, worrying about incomplete payment, or wasting time with buyers who aren’t serious. Enable notifications from HitchPin so you know when new buyers want to connect with you and be updated when your transaction is ready for the next step.

💻 Detailed Records and More Control

Reference past listings, transactions, and final receipts at any time in your dashboard. Plus, our transaction process eliminates the need for invoicing and keeping track of weigh tickets! You can also edit, save drafts, unpublish, and republish listings, and bookmark listings you are interested in.

🗺 Super Specific Mapping

Our pin-drop field mapping technology allows you to use satellite photos to map your fields and save them to your account, so you can quickly share information with service providers and get accurate acreage measurements. This also allows for simplified directions to fields.

🛒 The Easiest Marketing You’ll Ever Do

A website for your farm ranch, or ag business – without having to design and pay for a website! Simply answer 3 questions and we’ll set up your custom Storefront and organize all your products and services for sale on one easy-access page. Plus, we provide you with free marketing materials to share your HitchPin Storefront anywhere you do business.

🔎 Reduced Effort Searching

Let HitchPin take care of the search process for you with our listing match feature. Just create a buyer listing of the product or service you’re looking for and we’ll notify you when a listing is posted for sale that matches your criteria.

🙌 Only Pay for Results

We don’t utilize listing fees, require a subscription, or charge an outrageous commission. The only fee you will be charged is on successful transactions, at the time your goods or services sell. You also don’t have to worry about items selling for less than they’re worth – you can decline any offer and you are not obligated to make a sale in a specified period of time.
The current platform fee is 2.5% of the transaction amount for the buyer and 2.5% for the seller. Using your referral link helps you earn credits that can be applied to transaction fees when your friends and neighbors sign up for HitchPin.

HitchPin Account: Why HitchPin

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HitchPin Account: HitchPin Referral Program