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HitchPin completes a successful Series A funding round!

We have exciting news! The team at HitchPin is proud to announce another successful investment round at the beginning of 2024!

The news shows a world with growing concerns over hunger, war, and instability. Some people seem willing to accept that tomorrow may not be brighter than today. That is not our story at HitchPin!

For those who have followed HitchPin from the beginning – you have seen a small startup obsessed with helping food producers grow into an advanced online marketplace with agriculture products and services listed in 49 states. 

This growth has been possible because we have been in the trenches, supporting the real heroes in this war – the farmers, ranchers, harvesters, truckers, welders, veterinarians, coops, mills, food processors, and many others who are on the front lines. These people are fighting behind the scenes every day against the forces of hunger. They face drought, fires, rising costs, and a host of other challenges that make food production one of the toughest and most complex industries in the world.

How does this relate to the actual wars and conflicts we see expanding around the globe? There is a high correlation between national security and food security that can be tracked over thousands of years of human history. If you want a modern, stable society you must care about the food system – their successes are intertwined.

From the beginning, the team at HitchPin has been driven by two ideas:

1. The people behind our food matter. The success of agriculture producers matters. They are the heroes striving to produce the food that everyone else depends on. HitchPin was founded to serve these producers and their vital efforts.

2. Take on hard challenges that improve humanity. Everyone eats, and hungry people do desperate things. Building technology that better connects food producers and leads to a stronger, safer, and more resilient food system is essential to feeding a future 9 billion people. This is vital for the success of the next generation. We don’t want our kids to inherit a world that is fighting over food. Our team at HitchPin believes it is a moral responsibility to act and prevent this conflict.

An agriculture marketplace like HitchPin is complex to build. It has taken a relentlessly hard-working team that is devoted to listening to our producers who have built a large and growing community. It has also taken investors with real vision and a backbone to see what is possible and support it.

It is exciting to announce that HitchPin has completed a successful Series A funding round. This investment positions HitchPin well for continued growth. We are honored to include an all-star group of investors with deep experience in farming, livestock, technology, community banking, private equity, and startups. Our lead investor for this round, Colorado-based Foundry, includes world-class investment and technology minds. Their team has helped other portfolio companies grow into billion-dollar marketplaces.

There is a lot more work ahead, but HitchPin is grateful for the amazing agriculture industry professionals that we serve, our dedicated team, and our investors. 

A few years ago, our team had an actual hitch pin engraved with this quote “The future is built by those that see it (before it is obvious to others) and are willing to risk their time, treasure, and blood to make it happen.” 

While the world faces many challenges – we believe the future of agriculture and food production is bright. There are teams of people around the world fighting the war against hunger. HitchPin is honored to support and serve the people behind our food.

We are excited about future growth and thankful for your support!

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