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HitchPin Protect Keeps Ag Transactions Simple

hitchpin protect

Things are changing fast in our economy and in agriculture. The more security you have in knowing when you will be paid and how quickly, the more control you have over business decisions. HitchPin makes the process of buying and selling quick, transparent, and secure. HitchPin calls this payment process HitchPin Protect.

Here’s how HitchPin Protect works:

hitchpin protect: transaction process
  1. Browse HitchPin to see listings for sale or for hire near you. When you find one you are interested in, it’s time to send an offer to the seller.
  2. Select the payment method you will utilize to pay for the item or service. You can connect multiple forms of payment to your HitchPin Wallet and save them to your account for use at any time. Accepted payment methods include bank accounts and credit cards.
  3. Before submitting your offer, you will be able to see what amount is required as a down payment for the item. This is the amount that will be initially pulled from your account to enter a HitchPin holding account if the seller accepts your offer.
  4. Once you have submitted your offer to the seller, they can accept or deny the offer. When they accept the offer, the transaction will be initiated.
  5. Upon successful delivery of the product or services from the seller, HitchPin will release the funds in the holding account to the seller. The buyer owes the charges and costs directly to the seller. HitchPin collects payment from the buyer on behalf of the seller. This protects the seller from certain risks associated with transactions such as bounced checks or failure to pay. The buyer is protected from certain risks such as items or services not being as described.

You can utilize the convenient HitchPin payment method by entering your account information in your HitchPin Wallet. Remember, every transaction is secured throughout each step and protects both buyer and seller from risks associated with transactions such as bounced checks, failure to pay, or failure to deliver.

To add an account, log in to your HitchPin account and navigate to the HitchPin Wallet section in your profile.

hitchpin protect

To learn more about how buying and selling on HitchPin works, please see the Terms of Use and Payment Terms for Buyers and Sellers rights and duties. HitchPin Protect is not a separate guarantee or money back policy. HitchPin Protect does not create any additional duties for HitchPin beyond those described in the Terms of Use.


Are there any fees?

It’s free to create a HitchPin account for both buyers and sellers. We don’t charge to post listings. Currently, fees are only associated with transactions, so we only make money when you buy or sell a listing. Always transparent, with no hidden fees – ever. For more details, and to see how our fees compare to others, check out our pricing blog post here.

How is HitchPin different from other marketplaces?

While there are other marketplaces out there to buy and sell products and services, HitchPin is the only full-service, digital ag marketplace dedicated to helping farmers and ranchers do business better. Other marketplaces don’t allow sales of certain products, like livestock. HitchPin not only connects buyers and sellers of all kinds of ag products and services, it also safely and securely processes payments! Keep your personal information protected by using our convenient chat function to communicate and complete transactions without fear of bounced or “lost in the mail” checks!

What products and services can I buy and sell?

We have an ever-growing list of categories you can choose from including hay, cattle, and equipment. Not sure which category is right for you? Please contact us at

Who can use HitchPin?

Whether you’re a full-time or hobby-farmer, equipment dealer, or running a custom harvest crew, you can trust HitchPin to buy and sell your products and services. Need help getting set up? HitchPin Assist is here to help – just contact us at