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HitchPin Storefronts: Feeding the World with Trevor McKeeman

The world took a step forward this week. You may not have noticed it yet, but it happened. It was not by accident. A small, relentless team has been building it. The technology and the community behind it are the start of something big. Something with the potential to help people around the world, as we race to feed a future 9 billion people.

If you look around in the US, 1 person out of 100 provides the food that the rest of us need to live. They work hard. In economic terms they are price takers, previously having little control over the prices they pay or sell for. It is the toughest position in economics. Despite this, these producers provide the backbone of our economy and represent one of the greatest assets to our national and global security. Hungry people do desperate things.

Our team wakes up every day thinking about this. How can we serve those farmers, ranchers, food processors, grain sellers, truckers, equipment sellers, welders, fencers, vets, and others in the food supply chain that are taken for granted?

As our product manager would say, “How do we arm the rebels?” to meet one of the greatest challenges humans face…feeding a growing world…and giving our kids a shot at a stable and peaceful globe.

I’m deeply proud of the HitchPin community and team. They launched a new feature called Storefronts in late 2022. Now, anyone can create their own unique store in minutes, to market their ag/food products and services. Now, producers of any size have access to the same advanced technology.

You get to set your own pricing and your own custom web address. You now have access to advanced tools like payment processing, marketing, record keeping, and more. It is like adding professionals in marketing, accounting, and logistics to your ag team. And it is free to set up in minutes.

The supply chain for food is changing fast, globally. The stakes are high for humanity and there is no time to waste. Within only a few hours of launching, producers had already created storefronts in half the states in the US. We saw a glimpse of the future last week…and the people behind our food supply are building it.

Trevor McKeeman, Founder and CEO

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