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How to Complete a Product Transaction

A step-by-step guide on how to complete a product transaction on HitchPin in your web browser.

Can’t view it on your browser? Find the audio transcript below.

When you have found a product you would like to purchase on HitchPin, click on the Listing Card. Here you will see the details of the listing, including location, price, and details. Click the Make an Offer button.

On this screen, you can click Make an Offer to offer a price that is different than what the seller has suggested or move to the quantity field if you would like to purchase at the listed price.

In the quantity field, enter the number you would like to purchase. Then click Next. Choose your payment method that you will use for this item. You can choose to add a new account or choose one that has been previously added to your HitchPin wallet. Click Next.

Here you can add any optional agreement details and files associated with this transaction. Then click the checkbox to confirm you agree to the terms for attaching documents. Click Next.

Review your offer for accuracy. If you see a red box across the top of your screen, this indicates that required information is missing from your offer. You can click the red box to return to this step and update your information. When your offer is complete, click Submit to Seller. The seller will then have the opportunity to review your offer and accept it. You will receive a notification when you have new steps to complete in your transaction.

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