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How To Create Listings That Sell

So you’re ready to sell agriculture products and services on HitchPin…

You’ve already found HitchPin, a digital marketplace that makes it easy, fast, and safe to buy and sell agriculture products and services. You’ve created your account and are ready to tap into HitchPin’s nationwide network of farmers, ranchers and ag business owners. You’re ready to create listings that sell.

Now what?

Maybe you’ve already created a listing or two but haven’t seen much traction, or perhaps you curious about how to best create a listing and what information to include. So what can you do to ensure you’re creating listings that sell? We’ve complied some tried-and-true tips to improve the chances of creating listings that sell quickly on HitchPin.

Quick Links:
  1. Select the right category
  2. Specify the details
  3. Set your pricing
  4. Add a subtitle & description
  5. Select travel & location
  6. Use high quality photos & videos
  7. Include attachments
  8. Publish & share
  9. Make sure your HitchPin profile is complete

Step 1: Select The Right Category

When you click on “Create Listing” at the top of the page using your computer or from the dropdown menu on a mobile browser (or access directly via, your first step is to select either a seller listing or a buyer listing. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on seller listings, which allow you, the listing creator, to sell your products and services.

listings that sell create a listing

After you select the “Get Started – Seller Listing” button, you’ll be taken to a category page where you can select which category best fits your product or service.

listings that sell category

At first this page may seem daunting, but having a wide array of categories available allows you to fine-tune your listing to display the most relevant information for its selected category. It also allows buyers to find exactly what they’re searching for!

Start by choosing the high-level category that best fits your offering. If you view the categories page on a computer, rather than your mobile phone or tablet, you’re able to see all of the highest level categories and their subcategories. Some subcategories even have their own subcategories, for example: Specialty Services > Field Clearing > Tree Clearing. When you’ve found the proper category for your listing, hit the “Select” button to start the listing creation process.

Step 2: Be Specific

Each listing creation flow varies slightly based on the category you’ve selected for your listing. The place where this is most recognizable is the “Details” step.

listings that sell details

The Details step prompts you to answer specific, short form questions including details such as breed, brand, bale size or other simple questions that can be answered using dropdown fields or short responses. This step is not included in every category’s listing process, so if you don’t see it in your process that’s okay. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to add details to your listing.

Step 3: Set Your Pricing

One of the perks of listing your products and services on HitchPin is that you get to set and adjust your own pricing. Setting the right price is a huge factor when creating listings that sell. Most categories’ pricing structures include three main sections: Base Pricing, Delivery, and Discounts. Product categories also include a fourth section titled Escrow. Let’s go through these one-by-one.

listings that sell pricing

Base Pricing

Base Pricing is what you want to charge for your product or service itself, without any delivery or travel expenses included. This section is required and the information is displayed on your listing’s details page for buyers to view.

We recommend researching other listings in the same/similar category to get an idea of current market prices. This will allow you to offer a competitive price, while still capturing the value you deserve, and move your listing quickly!

Some sellers choose to build the HitchPin transaction fee (only pulled at the end of a completed transaction) into the asking price. For example, if you’re wanting to sell your piece of equipment for $10,000, based on our current fee structure, your Base Pricing would be $10,250. You can read more about our fees here.

Delivery or Travel Expenses

Delivery and Travel Expenses are available fields, and if choose to include them in your listing, you have the ability to make them optional or required for your customers. To view these options, select “Yes” on the second question of the Pricing page. You can determine how you want to offer delivery and/or travel pricing and your rate. For both delivery and travel, options include a price/mile, a price/mile with a base rate, or a flat fee.


The Discount section of the Pricing page is used for entering coupon codes that are applied to HitchPin’s transaction fees. Coupon codes aren’t as common as they used to be, and must be added to your listing before a transaction is initiated by a buyer. You’ll see coupons you’ve saved in My Profile pre-populated, or you can add a new one. While there are still a few agricultural groups that offer coupon codes, more commonly you’ll see the option to apply credits that you’ve earned from qualified referrals in your HitchPin Wallet. If you’d like to earn referral credits, invite your friends to join HitchPin, and when they sign up you’ll each get $100 in HitchPin credits to use on transaction fees.


Escrow is primarily used for product listings and is similar to a fully-refundable down payment. As the seller, you select the percentage that you would like the buyer to pay up front after you accept their offer. The submitted payment will be held by HitchPin until the transaction is complete. Should the transaction be cancelled by either party at any time, that initial payment will be fully returned to the buyer. Remember: a listing with a lower escrow percentage, requiring less from the buyer up-front, is more likely to get offers than a listing requesting full payment at the start of a transaction.

Step 4: Add A Subtitle & Description

Your listing’s title will be automatically populated based on the category and subcategory you chose. This makes it easy for buyers to quickly identify what a listing is without having to read long titles.

Your subtitle will be displayed at the top of your listing, and must be fewer than 100 characters. You can use this space to showcase a brief selling point about your product or service or draw attention to some of the questions from the earlier Details stage.

Here are some examples of well-written subtitles:

“Native prairie hay bales from July 2022, average 1100 lbs”
“Single Owner, Under 1000 Hours, Stored Inside”
“Herd Dispersal – Selling As Group”
“For Sale By Owner – Accepting Offers”
“Boom Town Boar Semen (Here I Am x Never Before)”
“Nitrate Safe Corn Stalk Bales – Delivery Options Available”

The Description portion of your listing is where you can add any additional freeform details you think would help your product or service sell. Ask yourself, “if I wanted to buy this, what questions would I have?” Remember, the more you include in your listing, the more likely a buyer will be ready to initiate a transaction. Aim for a paragraph or two about the product, your service process, or even about your farm, ranch, or business. It’s important to include plenty of information to create listings that sell.

listings that sell description

Important: for your safety, HitchPin does not allow the inclusion of personal contact details on listings or through chat.

Step 5: Select Travel & Location

Typically this portion of the listing creation process is used to indicate where you are selling your product from, or where pickup needs to take place. This information is only given to the buyer after you’ve accepted their offer and have started a transaction with them. It is also used to calculate delivery or travel expenses should you choose to offer those.

listings that sell location

Service providers can use this function to create multiple listings for the same service, but located in various places they are willing to travel to in order to complete those services. Having multiple listings for the same service can increase your chances of being seen by a buyer looking for a service in their area.

Pro tip: If you have a fully completed HitchPin profile, this step will automatically be complete! And you can always change the location for a specific listing if you need to.

Step 6: Use High Quality Photos & Videos

When you’re selling products and services online, having high quality, clear photos is one of the best ways to attract potential buyers. Listings that sell always have great visuals. Make sure your photos are taken in good lighting, in focus and fully showcases your listing from multiple angles.

Check out our guide on Tips & Tricks for Taking Listing Photos that Sell to get some pointers on taking amazing photos.

listings that sell photos and videos

Also, including videos in your listing for categories like livestock, equipment, and services is another great way to grab attention and stand out from other similar listings.

Step 7: Include Attachments

Attachments is where we recommend you add any additional documentation relevant for your listing. These attachments can include things like vaccination records, registration papers, RFV reports, or other formal items that can provide potential buyers with confidence in the product or service they are purchasing.

listings that sell attachments

Step 8: Publish & Share

After you’ve selected how you’d like to be paid and published your listing, it’s time to share it with the world! HitchPin will take care of advertising your listing on our platform, but sharing the link to your new listing on your own social media accounts, or texting and emailing it to your existing network will also help get extra eyes on your offering! If you want to create listings that sell, it’s important to share them with as many people as possible.

listings that sell publish and share

Bonus Tip: Make Sure Your HitchPin Profile Is Complete

Creating listings that sell is all about reputation. Your first name and profile photo are displayed on your listing details page, so having a completed profile with a quality profile photo is one more way to build trust with future customers. Showcase the people behind the product or service your offering, rather than a generic avatar, and increase the probability that a buyer will send you an offer!

We hope that these tips will help you improve your HitchPin experience and help you to create listings that sell! And remember, if you ever need assistance with anything or just have questions about how HitchPin works, our US-based support team of ag experts is here to help. Just give us a call at (785) 522-4278 or email us at