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How To Sell Your Listing Faster on HitchPin: Top Secret Tips and Tricks

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Since the introduction of the HitchPin browse feed, it has never been easier to find ag products, services, and storefronts near you. There are thousands of listings for hay, cattle, equipment, and so much more for sale on HitchPin, so how do you ensure YOUR listing or storefront will be seen by buyers in your area? With these tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to get more views on your listing or storefront so that you can sell your listing faster.

How the Browse Feed Works

You can view what we refer to as the HitchPin Browse Feed at From here, you can search, filter, select a category, and explore all that HitchPin has to offer nationwide.

This page automatically shows any visitor the most recent listings nationwide on HitchPin. This happens because of a filter called “Sort By” which has two options: most recent and nearest. When you land in the Browse Feed, you will see the “most recent” sort by default. The majority of buyers on HitchPin leave this filter on “most recent” and narrow down their search using other criteria. 

Sell your listing using the HitchPin Browse Feed

What does “most recent” mean?

When a seller creates a brand new listing, this listing will appear at the top of the browse feed when it is sorted by most recent. The same happens when a brand new storefront is created. A listing also appears at the top of the browse feed if it has been recently updated, and a storefront appears at the top of the browse feed if it has been recently created or if it has recently updated a listing.

The more you update your listings, the more your listings will appear at the top of the browse feed, where thousands of ag producers will see your product, service, or storefront, and the quicker you’ll sell your listing.

How to update your listings to sell your listing faster

sell your listing faster: my listings on profile page

Now that you know it’s beneficial to update your listings, you might be asking, how?

First, go to “My Profile” in the main navigation bar at the top of your desktop screen, or under the menu icon on your mobile device. If you’re using the new and improved iOS app, the profile button is in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Next, navigate to “My Listings” where you’ll see all of the listings you’ve already created. Click on the listing you’d like to update, then select “Manage Your Listing” on a desktop computer or mobile web browser, or “Edit” on the iOS app. 

From here, you can make whatever changes you’d like. Be sure to publish your listing again for those changes to take effect. 

What should you update in order to sell your listing faster?

So you want to make sure you’re at the top of the HitchPin browse feed in order to sell. your listing as fast as possible, but what if you don’t have any new information about your listing? Here are a few things you can do that will help you increase the quality of your listing:

Sell your listing faster using the HitchPin browse feed

Add New Photos and Videos

Multiple, high-quality photos and videos are a game changer when it comes to increasing your listing quality. Buyers want to see a variety of images with good lighting and from various angles to ensure that a listing is worth sending a chat about. For tips on how to take great photos for your listing, check out Tips and Tricks for Taking Great Photos That Sell.

Try adding additional photos or a video to your listing if you don’t already have one.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve stocked up on great photography, we suggest you switch the primary photo every few days. The first image you upload will be the main image a buyer sees when they view your listing card, so testing out different primary images to see which gets the most attention is a great way to maximize your listing views and see which type of photo helps sell your listing the fastest.

Rewrite your description

You may have written a couple of descriptive sentences when you first created your listing, or you may have let the listing details do the talking for you. Here is another opportunity to stand out from the majority of HitchPin listings. Writing a detailed listing description will not only refresh your listing to the top of the browse feed, but it will also ensure you’re giving buyers as much information as you can about your product or service. The more information you can give them, the more trust they will have in you as a seller.

Pro Tip: This description portion is equally as important on your Storefront page. Telling your business’ story not only connects you with potential buyers on a human level, but it builds trust in an online community.

Try A Different Price

One benefit of using HitchPin is that you, the producer, get to set your own price for your work, which can greatly impact the interest your listings get. Testing out different prices is an easy way to update your listing and make it appear at the top of the browse feed over and over again. 

Pro Tip: Be sure to not undervalue your listing. Other marketplaces may show listings with prices like $1 or $123, but oftentimes this makes your listing seem fake or low quality. Do some research before you try to sell your listing and see what price points other sellers on HitchPin are listing their products and services at. And if you simply want buyers to send you an offer for your listing, you can select “Accepting Offers” when you set up your listing’s pricing. 

How Can I Guarantee Listing Views?

sell your listing with promoted listings

All of these tips are a great way to constantly refresh your listing’s content and let buyers know that you are a motivated seller. But even with quality photos, a great description, and spot on pricing, it’s possible that your listing isn’t shown to the maximum number of buyers due to increasing amounts of inventory on HitchPin. 

That’s why we have implemented Promoted Listings, the easiest way to get the most amount of views on your HitchPin listings. Promoted Listings always appear at the top of the browse feed for all buyers, and only rotate amongst themselves, so while your particular listing or storefront may not appear 100% of the time, it will show significantly more often than a non-promoted listing or storefront.

To promote your listing, follow the same steps as you would to edit and update your listing. On the final page of the form, select “Publish and Promote” and you’ll walk through a sign up flow to promote your listing.

Pro Tip: It’s still really important to have high quality photos, a good description, and relevant pricing, especially if you choose to promote your listing. Once you entice a buyer to click on your listing’s card, you want to keep them interested with quality content.

It’s Time to Sell Your Listing

Now you know our insider tips on how to update your listings so your products, services, and storefront appear at the top of the browse feed. What are you waiting for? Thousands of buyers are searching HitchPin for their next ag purchase. Update your listing now and appear at the top of the Browse Feed so your listing will be the next to sell on HitchPin.

We’re Here to Help

If you ever have any questions about updating your listings, how HitchPin works, or if you’d like additional help to sell your listing, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team.

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