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Grain Truck Sells on HitchPin – Buyer Gets in Touch Months Later

Earlier this year, Abilene farmer Kevin McKeeman listed his 1979 Astro Cab Over Grain Truck for sale on HitchPin. It wasn’t long before his phone pinged, notifying him that he received a chat! It was from a farmer five hours away in rural Iowa, who was interested in expanding his grain fleet. Over the course of a few weeks, Kevin and Glenn used HitchPin’s secure chat to exchange questions and details about the truck’s condition, discussed the logistics of transporting it from farm to farm, and found additional common ground when being “grandpa” delayed their responses.

Easy sales of agriculture equipment – even for “not tech savvy”

For these two farmers, using a digital marketplace to buy and sell their ag equipment was relatively new ground. And they aren’t alone. With the average age of a farmer in the United States pushing 60, it’s not uncommon for us to hear from the HitchPin community that they “aren’t tech savvy.” But with advancements in technology touching all corners of agriculture – from tractor cabs to genomics – farmers across the country really are embracing technology, incorporating it into all aspects of their operations. In fact, over 60,000 folks found they could use their smartphone or laptop to buy and sell ag products and services faster, safer, and better on HitchPin! With listings from tractors to replacement heifers, bailing to trucking – you too have a nationwide book of business literally at your fingertips.

Faster Payments for Sellers – Protected from “Not as Described” for Buyers

grain truck sells on HitchPin chat

As someone who was used to kicking the tires on a new truck before shaking hands, not only was Glenn able to request additional pictures from Kevin, but he also learned about HitchPin Protect – our payment processing program that takes the guesswork out of doing business with someone you’ve only chatted with online, for both buyers and sellers. Once all his questions were answered, Glenn submitted his offer on the grain truck, and after Kevin accepted, funds were secured by HitchPin from Glenn’s preferred method of payment. This not only reserved the truck for Glenn until transportation arrangements were finalized, but it also gave Kevin confidence that when the truck left his property and headed north, he would absolutely get paid. Once the truck reached Glenn’s farm in Iowa, he acknowledged the item was as-described, marked the transaction as complete, and funds were immediately transferred to Kevin’s HitchPin wallet! As a seller, Kevin not only got paid quickly, but he also was in control of the price he received (rather than settling for the closing bid, less a steep commission and listing fees).

If This Cab Could Talk…

A few months later, HitchPin community director Kristin Cottam received a message from Glenn.

I wondered if you could share these photos with Kevin.  I thought he’d like to see that we brought her back a little closer to her glory days, more work to do but it’s corn harvest time so putting her to work.  Love the truck, thanks Kevin!!

 1979 Astro Cab Over Grain Truck for sale on HitchPin

Love for production agriculture pushes farm and ranch marketplace to excellence in customer service.

HitchPin is proud to be the online marketplace farmers, ranchers, and ag business operators trust to buy what they need and sell what they have. Used farm equipment, like Kevin’s grain truck, served their family farm for decades in Kansas. From wheat harvest to driving lessons, the memories made in the cab of that truck are priceless to the McKeeman family. No doubt, it’s a place Trevor – HitchPin’s founder and CEO – first fell in love with agriculture. And now, with some fresh paint and a new family to serve, its story continues in the fertile fields of Iowa.

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