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Introducing the HitchPin Plus Subscription

HitchPin, the world’s best ag marketplace, allows users to elevate their ag business to new heights and find the best prices for the products and services they need from anywhere in the country. Since we don’t have listing or advertising fees, HitchPin doesn’t make money until our users make money. Currently, HitchPin takes a small 5% fee on completed transactions split between the buyer and seller. But now there is a new option.

HitchPin is proud to introduce the HitchPin Plus Subscription. The HitchPin Plus Subscription allows members to buy and sell as many products and services as they desire while only paying a one time annual subscription fee. Are you bringing your ag business online and expecting to sell hundreds of products? You’ll still only pay one fee for your annual subscription, meaning you will never pay a transaction fee on your portion of a completed transaction.

To become a HitchPin Plus Subscriber, you can call or text us at 785-522-4278, or send an email to