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New Feature: Get Rewarded with HitchPin’s Community Referral Program

Referral Program

The HitchPin Community is growing every day! Now you can get rewarded for every new friend you invite with the HitchPin Referral Program!

Take advantage of the referral program:

Get started inviting friends with your personalized link!

When you use your link to invite friends to join the HitchPin Community, you will both be rewarded!  For every friend who creates a HitchPin account using your link, we’ll add $100 of HitchPin Credits to your HitchPin Wallet! And we’ll add $100 of HitchPin Credits to your friends’ HitchPin Wallet too!!

Have a lot of friends? Invite them all and enjoy $100 of free HitchPin Credits every time a friend accepts your invitation!

You get $100 of HitchPin Credits in your HitchPin Wallet!

Your friend gets $100 of HitchPin Credits in their HitchPin Wallet too!

Share your unique HitchPin Referral link anywhere you like – on social media, in an email, by text, whatever is easiest for you! You will be notified anytime a friend signs up using your link! 

Ready to share HitchPin with your friends and get your HitchPin Credits? Let’s get started!

To utilize the HitchPin credits, you must meet HitchPin eligibility criteria and complete a HitchPin user profile. HitchPin may terminate or modify the promotion in its sole discretion at any time. The promotional credits only apply to HitchPin platform fees on a transaction initiated or completed on the HitchPin platform. Sales tax and other charges, contracted and non-contracted, apply. This offer has no cash value, is nontransferable, non-refundable, and void where prohibited.