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Kansas Farm Bureau

Kansas Farm Bureau

Meet HitchPin – the most powerful tool for your ag business (right after your pliers of course)! 

Farmers can use HitchPin to increase revenue and decrease costs for their operations. You can offer farming services like harvesting, swathing, and planting, or sell products like hay. At the same time, you can hire services or find the hay you need in seconds. 

Technology is an integral part of today’s ag business, and HitchPin’s technology can help our members save time and money along with bringing extra funds to their operations,” says Terry Holdren, CEO/General Counsel of Kansas Farm Bureau. 

HitchPin is a technology developed for farmers and ranchers right in the heart of ag country, in Manhattan, KS. In tough times for the ag economy, your bottom line is something you can’t afford to take your eyes off of. HitchPin helps connects you with other producers to find agriculture related services or products – like hay or help with harvest. 

One of the largest benefits of HitchPin is the escrowed transactions. This protects you as a buyer or seller to ensure a fair transaction takes place and enables you to be paid immediately. No invoices, no waiting for checks in the mail, no bounced checks, and a much lower risk in working with people you don’t know. You can browse listings and create your own listings for free. HitchPin only charges a service fee when there is a successful transaction.

Because of KFB’s partnership with HitchPin, you can receive fee-free transactions in 2020!

Just use the code KFBFREE in your transaction. 

HitchPin provides you with another tool to keep your operation going. This is possible in two different ways:

  1. Increase Revenue – If you own equipment and would like to increase your business’ revenue, you can list your services for others to hire. This can help you make equipment payments and cash flow your operation, while also helping your neighbors and fellow producers who don’t have access to that type of equipment.
  2. Decrease Costs – If you don’t have the resources or desire to buy a half million dollar combine or planter, you can hire the job done. We know many producers struggle through each season with patched together equipment. Having access to hire local people with access to newer equipment allows you to get the job done without investing in expensive new equipment.

HitchPin opens new doors for all kinds of producers – those just getting started, those wanting to stay in the game a little longer before renting their ground out, service providers looking to expand their business, and those needing to build additional revenue in order to return to the family farm.