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“My cattle are my livelihood. Calling you was the best thing we could have done.”

“I was at the Salina Sale Barn selling off part of my herd, I mentioned to a guy standing next to me that I would be back with the rest of my cattle the following week if I couldn’t find hay.  He told me about HitchPin.  Calling you was one of the best things we could have done.  My 37 remaining cattle are my livelihood.  I can’t lose them”

– Max Prose, 87, Ness City, KS

When the customer support line rang last September, the voice HitchPin team member, Kristin Cottam, heard on the other end of the line sounded – weathered. “We could use some help,” were the words whispered by Max and Mary Prose. The couple, who have been farming in Lane County, Kansas, over seven decades have endured more than seems imaginable. Growing up in the Great Depression and navigating the economic waves that followed made the last five years seem like a walk-in-the-park. A wildfire in 2017 destroyed their homestead, and fencelines and nearly cost them their lives. And while the infrastructure returned, the rain did not. 2022 was the first time their land had no moisture left in the soil. None. Mother Nature forced their hand – over two-thirds of their herd had to be sold. 

Within minutes of talking to Kristin, they had an account on HitchPin and reviewed a number of available listings. They also learned how creating a buyer’s listing on HitchPin would send a signal out to surrounding hay producers who may have additional inventory to get them through winter. Max and Mary were also able to coordinate trucking for their hay from service members of the HitchPin community; a process that was not only streamlined, but as importantly to the Proses, safe.

By the end of the month, the Proses had hay back in their barn and their herd’s future – their future – felt secure again. “Calling you was one of the best things we could have done.  My 37 remaining cattle are my livelihood.  I can’t lose them. I didn’t because of HitchPin.”

Their story isn’t unique. Farmers and ranchers across the country have used HitchPin to safely and securely buy and sell their products and services – and not just when they need it most. HitchPin has become an integral part of their ag business. 

The people behind our food matter. People like Max and Mary. People like us. People like you.