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New Customers Double Sales Volume for Fieldstone Farms Using this Software

New customers double farm sales volume with one new tool

Founded in the 1980s by the Morgan family in Central Missouri and later established in Overbrook, Kansas in 2016, Fieldstone Farms is a custom hay company that specializes in hay, animal feed, land clearing services, custom baling, hay trucking, and more. But what sets them apart in the digital age is their strategic presence on HitchPin, a platform revolutionizing the way agricultural businesses connect and thrive.

Fieldstone Farms recognized the need to expand into the digital realm in 2022, a move that would not only widen their reach but also streamline their operations. By setting up a HitchPin Storefront, they tapped into a network of potential customers while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with seamless transactions and dedicated support.

HitchPin’s storefront feature serves as a digital showcase for businesses like Fieldstone Farms, providing a centralized hub where they can display their products and services to a wider audience. These storefronts offer businesses a customizable platform to build their brand identity online, while easily marketing their offerings. With intuitive navigation and robust search functionality, HitchPin storefronts make it easy for buyers to discover and connect with businesses like Fieldstone Farms.

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Shem Morgan at Fieldstone Farms, attests to the benefits of selling agricultural products and services on HitchPin. He emphasizes the reliability of payment, a crucial aspect in the unpredictable world of farming. With HitchPin, payment is guaranteed and immediate, easing concerns and allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – farming. Shem has utilized HitchPin to sell his own products and services, as well as buy services from other Storefronts on HitchPin.

HitchPin’s commitment to supporting local businesses resonates with Fieldstone Farms. “I am a local business, so I like that by working with HitchPin, I’m supporting a Kansas based business. I appreciate that I can pick up the phone and talk to a real person at HitchPin’s offices who understands ag and is willing to help me 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Farming never stops and neither do the staff at HitchPin,” adds Morgan, highlighting the personal touch and round-the-clock support that HitchPin provides.

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One of the most compelling aspects of HitchPin for Fieldstone Farms is its ability to facilitate growth. “We have our regular customers, but HitchPin has introduced us to a new set of customers to help us grow. Our first year working with HitchPin, we doubled our sales volume. Many of the customers we worked with in 2022 have turned into repeat buyers in 2023,” says Morgan, reflecting on the platform’s role in expanding their clientele and boosting sales.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say about their experience with Fieldstone Farms:

  • “The guys at Fieldstone Farms were honest and easy to work with. Their pricing was fair and they delivered quickly.  I appreciated HitchPin’s payment process because I felt protected since we were shipping equipment across state lines”. – Colby C. Rogersville, TN 
  • “We enjoyed buying hay from Fieldstone Farms. Their communication was thorough and they worked hard to deliver quickly so we could feed our cattle during a difficult drought period. I would highly recommend working with them for your hay buying needs.”  Justin B. White City, KS
  • “Fieldstone Farms was extremely fast in delivering the hay we purchased and had great communication with us throughout the process.”  Gilliland Angus, Scott City, KS

To explore Fieldstone Farms’ offerings and experience the HitchPin advantage firsthand, visit their storefront today: Fieldstone Farms Storefront. Join us in cultivating a brighter future for agriculture, powered by HitchPin. You can create your own storefront on HitchPin and expand your business at