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New Feature: HitchPin Profile; HitchPin Wallet

HitchPin strives to provide simplicity and ease for farmers and ranchers utilizing the HitchPin marketplace. The latest upgrades to the platform, fondly called the Yellow Brick Road initiative by our development team, will provide HitchPin account holders with a more customized experience through new the new HitchPin Profile features and a simple and secure method to manage payment methods with HitchPin Wallet.

Customize Your HitchPin Profile

After creating or signing in to your HitchPin account, visit the My Profile tab. You will then be prompted to update your profile photo, add or update your address, and add or update your payment method. In the My Profile tab you can also Customize Your Experience by indicating if you are a buyer, seller, or both and selecting which HitchPin categories you are most interested in. This information will be utilized to highlight HitchPin listings relevant to your interests, creating a personalized experience for each HitchPin user.

Changing Interest Selections in Your HitchPin Profile

Once you have added your interests to your HitchPin profile, you will see more of these types of listings when you browse listings using the map or card view to explore. You can also opt in to HitchPin marketing emails to receive updates about new listings in your favorite categories.

Manage Payment Methods with HitchPin Wallet

HitchPin Wallet has been designed to safely and conveniently connect to your payment methods. Having your HitchPin Wallet updated will expedite the checkout process when you decide to make a purchase on HitchPin. You can also select which account you want to have funds deposited into when you make a sale on HitchPin. This provides a simple and easy way for you to pay and be paid on HitchPin. Your account information is stored on a secure server and fund transfers are only made when you authorize a transaction.

What Types of Accounts can be Added in HitchPin Wallet?

Bank accounts, whether checking or savings, can be connected through HitchPin Wallet as well as credit cards. A primary account can be selected for deposit of funds upon being paid for a successful sale on HitchPin. Credit card accounts that are connected in HitchPin Wallet may only be used to complete purchases and will not be used to deposit funds from sales.

Updating Accounts in HitchPin Wallet

You may add, remove, or update an account in HitchPin Wallet at any time by navigating to your profile and choosing the HitchPin Wallet tab.

Have a question about HitchPin Chat or any of its newest features? Email the HitchPin support team at or call (785) 522-4278.