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New Feature: HitchPin Wallet Expanded to Include Credits

HitchPin strives to provide simplicity and ease for farmers and ranchers utilizing the HitchPin marketplace. The latest upgrade to the platform focuses on added functionality to the Wallet feature, including:

  • a simple and secure process to manage payment methods
  • access to HitchPin credits
  • the ability to carry a balance of funds in your HitchPin account for immediate use
  • seamless management of multiple payment methods and accounts
  • and a detailed transaction history.

Connect a Payment Method to Your HitchPin Wallet

After creating or signing in to your HitchPin account, visit the HitchPin Wallet tab. In this tab you can add multiple payment methods to pay, or be paid on HitchPin. Adding your preferred accounts such as connected bank accounts or credit cards, is the first step. Once you have a connected account, you can utilize the full functionality of HitchPin Wallet. HitchPin Wallet allows HitchPin users to get paid and spend their funds on HitchPin with no wait, meaning users will not need to wait a period of business days for their funds to clear to their bank account.

HitchPin Balance

The new functionality of HitchPin Wallet allows you to be paid on HitchPin immediately and spend your earnings immediately on HitchPin, with full access to see where your money is at in the transaction process. This means money moves immediately in your account – no need to wait days for funds to clear your bank’s transaction process.

Transaction History
A detailed transaction history allows you to have clear and accurate records to refer back to at any time. You can also export your transaction history to utilize for financial recordkeeping and accounting purposes.

Payment Methods
Use the multiple payment method options to securely store credit card, debit card, and bank account information for payment and transferring funds for any HitchPin transaction.

It’s easy to use your HitchPin Wallet. Utilize our video tutorial to see how your HitchPin Wallet works!

HitchPin Credits
HitchPin utilizes a 2.5% transaction fee for the seller and 2.5% for the buyer on successful transactions at the time the transaction is finalized. (Click here to learn more about HitchPin’s transaction process.) With HitchPin Credits, you can earn credit towards these fees! By engaging in HitchPin promotions and referring other farmers, ranchers or ag businesses to the HitchPin community, you earn credits that can be applied to your transaction fees on any transaction you complete.

To utilize the HitchPin credits, you must meet HitchPin eligibility criteria and complete a HitchPin user profile. HitchPin may terminate or modify the promotion in its sole discretion at any time. The promotional credits only apply to HitchPin platform fees on a transaction initiated or completed on the HitchPin platform. Sales tax and other charges, contracted and non-contracted, apply. This offer has no cash value, is nontransferable, non-refundable, and void where prohibited.

Want to learn more about how your transactions on HitchPin work and are protected?