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New Feature: Use HitchPin Storefronts to Build your Ag Business Brand

HitchPin is proud to offer a simple, easy-to-use interface for farmers and ranchers. With the latest update, farms can group all of their listings in one location, creating a more efficient shopping experience. We’re excited to partner with you through Storefronts to increase your success in buying and selling online.

A storefront on HitchPin is a free to set up, free to maintain, and free to use tool that gives you time to focus on what matters most – the products and services that feed your community, your country, and the world. In less than five minutes, you can set up your own online store showcasing your products, services, branding, and story while utilizing HitchPin’s payment processing for fast and secure checkouts. This allows you to share everything you sell with one link (which can be used anywhere – on business cards, social media profiles, even print advertising!) while still utilizing the safe transactions that protect both buyers and sellers through HitchPin Protect.

Getting started with HitchPin Storefronts

Setting up your HitchPin Storefront is easy, and can be completed in three steps:

1. Name your Storefront

2. Add a profile picture to show off your brand

3. Add a short bio to tell your story

Name Your Storefront

After creating or signing in to your HitchPin account, click on the Storefront tab. From there, you’ll be prompted to start the process of setting up your Storefront. This is how new and existing customers will find you on HitchPin. You can use an existing business name, or create a new name.

Once you name your Storefront, you will be given a unique URL for your page. This can be shared with new and existing customers to help them easily find your Storefront.

Add a Profile Picture

Once you have named your Storefront, you will be prompted to add a profile picture. This step is optional, but including a picture will help customers find your Storefront, as well as build trust with visiting customers. You can upload a business logo, or a photo of your most popular product or service.

Pick a high-quality photo. Good quality logos and photos help make your Storefront look more reputable and recognizable. If you don’t have a high-quality photo at the time of setting up your Storefront, one can always be added later.

Write a Short Bio

After you’ve named your Storefront, and added a profile picture, the final step is to write a short bio to tell visiting customers about your business.

Our highest performing Storefronts win over prospective buyers by sharing their story. Popular topics include your business’s story and/or information about your most popular products and services. A good bio is concise and informative, allowing the customer to quickly gain the most important information from your page.

Set up your Storefront now and start getting the most out of your HitchPin experience!