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Plow and Pencil Podcast Cover Art

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Introducing, Plow and Pencil: the new podcast produced by HitchPin, the place the buy and sell in ag.

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.

–President Dwight D. Eisenhower

A lot has changed in America since Ike’s presidency, including agriculture. Equipment, supply-chains, communication platforms – they’ve all evolved and adapted with the rise of technological advancements.

Like Ike, HitchPin’s roots begin on a farm in Abilene, KS where the spirit of watching the original entrepreneurs – American farmers and ranchers – was planted in a young man watching his dad sell hay. As he, and their family farm grew, a belief was cultivated that one creates value by looking to solve problems for others. That conviction grew into an idea: the agriculture industry needed new technology to buy, sell, hire and find work. In 2019, founder Trevor McKeeman publicly launched HitchPin: the best digital marketplace for agriculture. HitchPin has been plowing new ground ever since, providing a platform at the fingertips of farmers and ranchers to securely, efficiently and easily transact – all from their computer or mobile device.

And today’s consumers? It’s safe to say they’ve changed over the decades too. Growing in number and now generations-removed from production agriculture, they are truly curious about where their food comes from. It’s an incredible opportunity for agriculturalists to bring the cornfield to the consumer, and with the help of technology, it too is easier than ever.

The Plow & Pencil podcast will paint a picture of American Agriculture today. It will tell the stories of the producers, the products, the policies and the platforms that provide feed and fuel to our nation and world.

Podcast Episodes:

Happy Tales from HitchPin Sales

“HitchPin found a buyer for my planter. The transaction was completed through the HitchPin platform. I knew the buyer’s money was good which gave confidence over a private sale.”

– Spencer Yenni

“Moving to a new rural community in Kansas and starting a small seedstock operation was certainly an adjustment. I knew access to hay and feed wasn’t going to be an issue, but I just didn’t know who to contact that put up hay in the area. HitchPin gave me an easy solution to search for exactly what I needed and wanted. The app was very easy to use and get ahold of the seller. The innovation and connection that HitchPin offers is a game changer in the evolving agriculture landscape!”

– Callahan Grund

“I own and operate a farm to fork pork operation in rural Nebraska. I have a consistent customer base locally, but wanted to expand my reach with some pork bundles I needed to sell. I turned to HitchPin to help me do this. I listed 3 pork bundles on HitchPin and within an hour, all 3 had sold. I liked that I was able to meet new customers and HitchPin’s transaction process was simple and quick. I offered delivery as part of my asking price. HitchPin’s transaction process provided peace of mind that I would get paid upon delivery. I didn’t have to take time collecting checks from total strangers or make a trip to deposit them at the bank. If you are looking to grow your business and get paid quickly. I would highly recommend HitchPin.”

– Ward Heitmann

“We have utilized multiple platforms over the years to sell our livestock – from off-the-farm to online – and our experience using HitchPin ranks at the top. It was simple, secure and our listing sold within 24 hours! The biggest benefit to us is accessing new customers, both locally and across the country — and by using HitchPin we know we’ll get paid.”

– Austin Fink