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HitchPin Pricing

We’re so glad you’re exploring how HitchPin can go to work for your ag business, farm, or ranching operation. Our business model is simple:

We only get paid when you do.

With so many options when it comes to marketing your products and/or services, it’s important to understand what HitchPin is, and isn’t. HitchPin is a comprehensive marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers, and most importantly, providing a secure transaction process that protects both parties. HitchPin isn’t a way to find a new customer via a classified ad and exchange cash later. HitchPin is free to sign-up, free to create listings, and free to chat without the risk of exchanging personal information. HitchPin isn’t going to tell you what price to accept or when your listing expires. HitchPin is simple to use from your computer or mobile device. And if you need help, reach out to our team of ag-experts, who are eager to help you grow your business.

Our platform fee is simple, straightforward and significantly lower than comparative markets, as the table below illustrates.

Traditional / Other Markets
Free Account
Subscription often required
Free/Unlimited Listings
$10 – $200 / consignment
Active Until Sold
Fixed sale date / no “minimum” sale price
Chat / Call Feature
Personal Information Protection
Unsolicited spam messages
Verified Payments
Hot checks
Fast Payment Processing
30 – 60 days post transaction
24 / 7 / 3651x / week
Successful Transaction Fee
2.5% Buyer*
2.5% Seller*
2 – 20% commision charged to seller regardless of sale price
Live & Knowledgeable Customer Support
Hit or miss
Amplified Advertising
Traditional / Other Markets
Free AccountSubscription often required
Free/Unlimited Listings$10 – $200 / consignment
Active Until SoldFixed sale date / no “minimum” sale price
Chat Feature
Personal Information ProtectionUnsolicited spam messages
Verified PaymentsHot checks
Fast Payment Processing30 – 60 days post transaction
Availability24 / 7 / 3651x / week
Successful Transaction Fee2.5%* Buyer | 2.5%* Seller2 – 20% commision charged to seller regardless of sale price
Live & Knowledgeable Customer SupportHit or miss
Amplified Advertising

Take for example a piece of equipment priced at $10,000. When sold on HitchPin, this would net the seller $9,750, and the buyer would be charged $10,250**. Our transaction process reduces the risk of doing business online. We pull the agreed-upon funds upfront, giving sellers confidence that they will be paid and providing buyers with protection if items aren’t as described. 

HitchPin’s secure transaction process is best place to do online business in agriculture. You can read more about the transaction process, how to utilize your HitchPin Wallet, and how to earn HitchPin Credits that offset your transaction fees on our blog.

* As farmers ourselves, we recognize that not all commodities and categories are created equal, which is why we have instituted reduced fee schedules for high value, high volume listings such as wheat and corn. Contact a member of our team for more information at (785) 522-4278 or via email at

** Assuming e-check (ACH) payment; additional credit card fees are applied when that form of payment is used.