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Announcing the HitchPin Video Contest and UTV Giveaway Winners

UTV Giveaway

HitchPin supports farmers and ranchers across the U.S. Our goal with this contest is to help share the stories of these producers as they deliver the food and materials we all depend on. Our goal as a company is to provide technology tools that increase the viability and profitability of farms, connect the agriculture community, and facilitate a modern, safe ag marketplace. To help highlight the stories of farmers, HitchPin gave away a Kubota Sidekick as well as $2,000 cash!

Meet the Contest Winners

Eric Hoffman, Great Bend, Kansas, UTV Contest Winner Kubota Sidekick, HitchPin 2021

UTV Winner: Eric Hoffman, Great Bend, Kansas

Eric Hoffman, Great Bend, Kansas, UTV Contest Winner Kubota Sidekick, HitchPin 2021

Eric and his family have a growing business and enjoy sharing the farming lifestyle with their three young daughters. Eric moved back to the family farm 10 years ago after teaching for 4 years. After a few years, they branched out on their own and with lots of support from his wife and a good base of family ground, they have been growing the business. Eric jokes that he has become a very experienced mechanic, purely out of necessity!

What Eric has to say about HitchPin:

“So far I’ve primarily used hitch pin to sell alfalfa. I have been blown away by the number of buyers that have contacted me via HitchPin. I was especially drawn to the app for selling hay because of the escrow feature. I feel that this is a very valuable tool that broadens your sales radius by providing a safety net. I also had a very good experience with their customer service. If I’ve ever had any questions or needed any assistance making a transaction, I was able to get help right away.

I would highly recommend using HitchPin for processing sales of goods and services.  The escrow piece is something, to my knowledge, that is unique to HitchPin that provides you the comfort of knowing you will get paid for what you are supposed to, even if you don’t personally know the buyer. There are lots of classified options, but none of them provide that security. “

Cash Prize Winner: Michael Rziha, Atchinson, Kansas

Michael Rziha, Atchinson, Kansas, Cash Contest Winner, HitchPin 2021

The Rziha Family lives just outside of Atchison, Kansas on a beautiful little farm. St. Andre Orchard is their family business, which serves both the local farmers’ markets and is a pick-your-own orchard featuring peaches, apples, blackberries, and raspberries, and more. Additionally, they have some sheep, ducks, chickens, and cats. There are nine kids in the family ranging from 7 to 23 in age. Dr. John Rziha runs St. Andre Orchard and is also a Professor of Theology at Benedictine College, and Jeanne Rziha is a stay-at-home mom and also homeschools the youngest four kids.

Their video entry was a collaborative effort in the family.

Of HitchPin, Michael says, “I think it’s a great organization that is doing a lot of good in rural communities by supporting them directly and allowing local equipment and funds to stay local. Very few companies focus on our rural communities the way HitchPin does. “

His brother Joseph says, ” I believe that HitchPin performs an important task for farmers in the midwest by providing connections for them giving them the opportunity for a stronger community and greater success!”

Check out the winning video:

The Rziha family kids shared their thoughts on what it means to be part of a family farm:

Michael (Age 23):

It provides a unique opportunity to grow closer as a family while also learning the value and goodness of hard work. Especially as you get older, you really appreciate being part of a large family and having grown up on a farm and all the memories associated with different workdays with your brothers.

Joseph (Age 20):

Being part of a farm family means being there for your family both in the field and in the house, it means finding joy in doing what you love with those you love even when you don’t think you love them so much. It is the ultimate blessing and the most beautiful way of life to grow up in.

Tim (Age 18):

Being part of the family farm means hard work, getting to drive a tractor, and good food.

Tom: (Age 16)

Being part of a family farm means the chance to learn hard work.

Charlie: (Age 14)

Being part of a family farm means lots of chances to learn new stuff:  building fences, mowing, digging holes for trees, working on equipment and lots of fun with my siblings.

Anna (Age 12):

Being part of a family farm means lots of family time and lots love and laughter.

Henry (Age 10):

I like living in the country and taking care of animals.

Agnes (Age 7):

I love the baby animals on the farm: kittens, ducklings, lambs, chicks.

Thank you to all who entered the contest!

Thank you to everyone who entered the UTV and cash giveaway contests! The team at HitchPin has enjoyed sharing so many farm videos online!